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foxy one piece

Foxy attempts to betray Luffy, but is tricked and beaten by Nami. After the Straw Hats defeated the Marines, Foxy attempted to challenge the Straw Hats again, but was easily defeated. With the Davy Back Fight with the Straw Hats finally over, Foxy and his crew sailed off vowing to get back at Luffy someday for such a disgraceful Jolly Roger. [citation needed], The Groggy Monsters, made up of Hamburg, Pickles, and Big Pan, are very powerful and managed to give Zoro and Sanji a very hard time; the captain is no slouch in terms of fighting either. His coat is colored purple in the anime, while it is colored silver in the manga and other manga related media. Romanized Name: Japanese Name: The ship was destroyed by Zoro. Inside, there is a hallway that leads out the side of the ship, a room with a spike covered floor, and a special combat gym with Foxy's Gorilla Puncher robot. which he can pilot to use against his opponent in the Combat portion of the Davy Back Fight. The ship was destroyed due to the tidal wave caused by the destruction of the Mother Ship. In Japan steht mal wieder der alljährliche Frauen-Marathon, der am 12. Foxy is a very cunning combatant, willing to exploit his Devil Fruit powers as well as any weapon or tool at his disposal to supplement his cheating. Außerdem trägt sie eine Ballonhose mit der gleichen Fa… Foxys Spitzname in seiner Bande ist Bossi, im japanischen Original "Oyabin", was soviel heißt wie "Anführer", "Boss" oder "Chef". Foxy begs Luffy to let him join the Straw Hats' mission. There, while Foxy is bitter about the Jolly Roger design given by Luffy, his main goal this time however is working alongside the corrupt owner, Doran, to steal a notebook from two sisters whose father discovered how to make jewels. However, they seem to be genuinely enthusiastic about being in the Foxy Pirates, and wholeheartedly cheer on their crewmates and captain in the Davy Back Fight. As a token of friendship, Foxy offered Luffy a trinket of his head, which Luffy excitedly accepts. It might be some sort of belt, even though in the anime it was shown as a pair of bermuda-like indument. He has almost a cleft lip-like mouth and a unique hairstyle, with his hair split into two spikes pointing upwards. We’re proud to be a trusted and reliable retailer that always provide you with the same high-quality product, leaving you free to always enjoy incredibly luscious locks with covetable body and length, either from our own Foxy Locks Brand or Remy Hair Extensions. Foxy pointed to Komei and challenged him, but Komei blew him into the pitfall with his fan. In secret however, Foxy wanted to lay one last sneak attack on Luffy as an act of vengeance. "Silver Fox" (銀ギツネ, Gin-gitsune?) Faced with this, Foxy's captainless crew went after him, wanting him back despite the situation they put him in.[32]. Official English Name: MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! [Click here to see the legend of the symbols used]. In the manga originally, Foxy literally shot Shelly with a gun. Debut: Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? For the first game, Hit and Deadball, Foxy as participated one of the major players for his crew. [citation needed], They do appear to have some impressive shipwrights and weapon makers as shown by the impressive arsenal of weapons and ships. Even if they won the next game, Combat, they could only take one crewmember back. Paramecia, Foxy the Silver Fox is the captain of the Foxy Pirates, and the main antagonist of the Long Ring Long Land Arc.[1]. However, Kansho, a new Foxy Pirate, asked to join Foxy and help him, which Foxy agreed to. Upon landing, Foxy challenges the Straw Hats to a Davy Back Fight. The ship had 4 females on it. [3], The Foxy Pirates' main recruiting method is the Davy Back Fight. After the effects of the Noro Noro Beam wore off, Foxy took the brunt of the attack, multiplied by a huge amount, and was catapulted off his ship. He has thick, triangles-like eyebrows, and is almost always seen grinning. As Komei prepared to attack the two of them, however, Foxy arrived on Kansho's back and held the Vice Admiral at gunpoint, allowing Nami to rescue Luffy. Despite the strict rules applied to the game, Foxy was still able to exploit a few loopholes to his advantage. Captain of the Foxy Pirates. The Oyakata Bune (親方船号, Oyakata Bune-gō?, "Pleasure Boat"), the Party, Love, and Pleasure Boat in the FUNimation dub, was an anime-only festivity ship used by the Foxy Pirates for the Donut Race. After the final game, a Captain vs. Captain boxing match, Luffy replaced Foxy's old flag with a badly drawn version of it, but otherwise let them go with no harm done. Luffy did so and hit the ball into the ground, causing a hole in the ground that drained the flooding seawater. Unfortunately, Luffy used a cannon instead to blast the room that Foxy entered. After getting Chopper and Robin from Foxy, Luffy preceded to take Foxy's Jolly Roger as per the manga. [5], Some time later, one of the captains he won from one of the previous games had rebelled and taken over the ship, so Foxy decided to ask the Straw Hats for help. After being reassured the mushrooms were safe, Foxy turned to confront Komei again, but saw with a shock that his underling was on the Sexy Foxy's masthead. Type: Foxy is also seen using boxing gloves with spikes, similar to what Porchemy is seen with, during his fight with Luffy. However, Foxy became annoyed as Komei complained about Brook competing, and was left shocked when Komei seemed to disregard his authority in dictating the game. Foxy is a cheater and trickster, who participates in the Davy Back Fight, a contest between pirate crews where the winning team can steal crew members from the losing team. In battle, he can use this power to slow down his opponents, either giving him ample opportunity to escape and/or set up one of his underhanded schemes. The Kani Crane (カニクレーン号, Kani Kurēn-gō?, "Crab Crane"), Crab Crane in the FUNimation dub was an anime-only ship used by the Foxy Pirates for the Donut Race. [20], Due to the change of the outcome of the Combat portion in the anime, Foxy and his crew meet the Straw Hats again in a small arc exclusive to the anime. [1] The crew is composed of 500 members, according to the anime. Seeing as how they were betrayed by Komei and Dojaku, Foxy decided to team up with the remaining Straw Hats to save his crewmembers. Some of the Foxy Pirates disguised themselves as women, and the Sexy Foxy was sent ashore as they sent an SOS to the Thousand Sunny. [3], The Look Special (ルック・スペシャル号, Rukku Supesharu-gō?) Immer tolle Angebote hier. During the match, Foxy entered a spiked room in hopes of tricking Luffy into impaling himself. The ship had people on it. At least 24,000,000. Using tactics devised by Komei, they used underhanded techniques to disable the crew. Unfortunately, Luffy's rubbery body made Foxy's attack useless and Foxy instead fell on his face. This ship is a giant reservoir and those who ride on it are proud of their ship. Sometime before or after this event, Foxy made it into the New World. However, the Straw Hats defeated him once again. Foxy | One Piece Treasure Cruise Wiki | Fandom. Because of this, Foxy can strike his opponents multiple times while they are slowed down so that they experienced the all the accumulated strikes when the return to normal speed. Though this outraged Foxy and his crew, Luffy explained that he'd just take the Foxy Pirate's Jolly Roger symbol and not the entire sail itself so that Foxy and his crew could still travel. Foxy asked Komei to make sure the mushrooms the competitors were eating weren't poisonous, which Komei confirmed. Suddenly, Brook, Chopper, and the Foxy Pirates rode in on a snake-like creature and freed Foxy and the Straw Hats. Fortunately however, the Straw Hats helped Foxy settle the internal dispute in Foxy's crew. Aside from his Devil Fruit powers, Foxy uses various other tricks that aren't dependent on his powers. Fokushī Kaizokudan After the Foxy Pirates lost, he vowed to get them back for his loss. [26], For the third round of Davy Back Fight which was changed to an anime exclusive game, Foxy participated in it as the coach of his team for the game called Run Roll Round. Most members of Foxy's crew joined him because he won them in this contest. Materials. However, it was revealed Luffy is fine due to the Foxy trinket blocking the bullet. They eventually got thoroughly defeated by Luffy.[8]. Along with the Oyakata Bune, they tricked the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates into coming with them by giving them pleasures.[3]. [15] Seeing the disability he gave Straw Hats in the next game by taking away one of their members, Foxy decided not to use his powers during the second game, where two of the Straw Hats faced three of the biggest members of Foxy's crew, the Groggy Monsters. After being rescued by Robin, Foxy was pointed to Porche and Hamburg's cell by Sanji. 24,000,000[1] This ship spread explosive barrel mines to stop the participants in the Donut Race, but the ship's tactic backfired thanks to Zoro. Hearing such an underhanded strategy, Foxy and his crew taunted the Straw Hats at thinking up such a trick even though they themselves also did such a thing in the previous game. This gesture resembles the typical Japanese way of representing a fox with one's hands. Occupations: Age: Alive Komei and Dojaku joined the Foxy Pirates, and the latter did not laugh at Foxy once, making the pirate happy. He was later astounded by the crew's persistence and talents. So that they could still sail as pirates also, Luffy also explained that he would paint them a new one to use instead of the one taken. However, Foxy used his Devil Fruit powers to bring the Marine cannonballs to a standstill, and the Thousand Sunny escaped before the cannonballs started going again, resulting in the destruction of the Marine ships. The Davy Back Fight game began, and Foxy watched as the first round, the Eating Contest, began. Komei revealed to Foxy that he only joined his crew in order to achieve his plan of capturing the Straw Hats, and that working under the pirate had been humiliating. In the anime, they won three of the six games. He appears along with his crew sailing to search for Gold Roger's treasure while Donald Moderate names some of the participants, getting angry at not having named him too. An angered Foxy fired a Noro Noro beam at the Sexy Foxy, but Dojaku activated its reflective covering, sending the beams back and making everyone on the beach slow. [6] However, even after he had won back the ship, Foxy decided to get revenge by putting them through several deathtraps in his ship.

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